KN (Original): Dad’s Keto Salsa Verde

Papa Bear as guest Nerd, showing us how to salsa verde

My dad is one of the best cooks ever. Now he is jumping on the Keto and Intermittent Fasting bandwagon. This Salsa Verde is good on eggs, chicken, beef, pork, salads. Anyways, here we go:


~* 1 and a quarter pounds of Tomatillos

~* 1 tablespoon of beef bouillon

~* 1 tablespoon of chicken bouillon

~* 4 cloves of garlic

~* 1 bunch of cilantro

~* 2-3 jalapenos (add seeds according to how spicy you want the salsa)

~* 1 poblano or 1 cowhorn pepper

~* 1 green onion sprout

~* add water depending on consistency


The first thing to do here is peel the outer layer of the tomatillos. There is this glue like slime that Dad likes to sponge off the skin before we even boil them. Place them in a pot after washing thoroughly and add water until they are covered. The pot will go onto the stove where the burner will be on high until the tomatillos get discolored (go from the green to dull yellow). While this goes on, get out your blender or emulsifier or even food processor depending on the consistency you want.

Dad likes to wash the cilantro and leave them in water until it is time to add into the blender. Makes it taste super fresh and so clean 😉 Cut the poblano/cow horn pepper and add them to the blender. The jalapenos, be aware that the spicyness comes from the seeds, so depending on how hot you want this salsa verde will be determined by the amount of seeds you decide to put in it. Also, wash your hands thoroughly because whatever you touch after (eyes, lips, for example) will be on fire. Gloves might be a good idea! Throw the bunch of cilantro into the blender as well as the tablespoon of beef and chicken bouillon, garlic, green onion, yellow onion. Dad suggests you be creative because there’s so many pepper possibilities to change up the recipe a little bit each time and never be bored.

By now the tomatillos should be done boiling. With tongs gently pick up the tomatillos which have also softened in the hot water and drop them into the blender. It doesn’t take long to pulse and blend this gorgeous green salsa together. Dad says if in the refrigerator it hardens in the tupperware, add a bit more water.

So again, this recipe is so versatile. It is good on every protein! It’s good with queso, cauliflower and adds flavor to any dish. It doesn’t last very long at my parents’ house and for good reason, DELICIOUS!

Cooking with dad is super fun and this is Keto approved, you guys. Let us know how much you like it!



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