Reflecting on My Ketonian Journey: (Nerd RO)

Lost Sugar

Lost Carbs

Lost 46 LBS


Hi guys,

Ketonian Nerd, Ro, here. Normally my posts consist of only recipes, but I wanted to check in with my progress. Just know that, with me being your coach, I wouldn’t ask you to do anything that I am not willing to do myself.

My first post ever, My Ketonian Journey, compared to this one here should be interesting. Plus, I am putting my progress pictures because I can only compare me to MYSELF. IF this inspires you to contact me, that is awesome! If you hate this picture or gets offended by it, please move it along. We like to focus on positivity here.

Oct 2018 – Dec. 2018
Dec. 2018 – May 2019
(yes, I am aware I need another progress pic lol read below how busy I have been)

Because of Keto and Fasting, I have become a different person.

What do I mean by this? 

Before Keto and Fasting, I had anxiety that prevented me from doing anything social and at the same time, I would feel so alone because of not doing anything social. Catch 22, if there ever WAS one LOL

Before, I had back pain that left me bed ridden. It would hurt too much to move, like there was lightning in my spine. No fun at all. When I had that much inflammation in my body, there was NO way for me to work out. And that made me want pizza because I felt like a ruined person full of failure.

Before, my ovaries also hurt me a lot from multiple cysts and my periods never came. Infertile and considering taking them out is where I was. Hoping to be approved for SURGERY, is where I was.

Before, my brain was too fogged up to be able to do anything that required minimal focus. Writing was just a goal that I would never attain. 

NOW– I am on all over social media (@nerdyketonian on insta) and even videos on YouTube! I am one of Dr. Berg’s Certified Coaches and helping people feel as good as I do. Do you need help getting started?

NOW– my body doesn’t hurt AT ALL! I work out, kayak, do yoga, and go to work too!

NOW– my ovaries are up and running and I am cleared to have a baby, whether God will bless me with one is another story. My blood pressure meds are also gone because I don’t need them anymore.

NOW– I have a fiction, paranormal book on pre-sale on Amazon and Kindle. Writing is no longer a goal I can’t achieve. My author page is pretty cool too, if you wanna check it out 🙂

I really believe with Keto and Fasting, anything is possible! Join us in the Ketonian Nerds Revolution for health!

And you too, will become, the person you were meant to be all along.



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