New Year, New hours, new menu

That One Place was established in September as a Brazilian/American Fusion brunch stop. Starting Jan 3rd, 2023, we are evolving into a dinner experience where the menu will change nightly. Appetizer as well as dinner options will be written on the chalkboard and desserts will be at the bakery display. Expect the unexpected at That One Place! We will be creating plenty of fusion dishes and also have Brazilian family recipes that will make your mouth water. We will still have vegetarian and keto options for the everchanging menu because your dietary needs matter. When you eat here, you are family!

Here’s some pictures of our menus so far:

Rice pilaf, Molho (Brazilian salsa), chicken wrapped in bacon, Linguica (Brazilian pork sausage), Picanha (specialty beef cut, culotte). This meal is hearty, meaty and comes with cole slaw and Pao de Queijo (GF, cheese bread)
Brazilian yellow rice with brown butter lime pork tenderloin over a tomato stew
Meatloaf Wellington with beef gravy and creamy mashed taters
Chicken pie with Catupiry Cheese crust served with asparagus and garlic mashed taters
Terragon herbed chicken over creamed corn
Grilled pork tenderloin, ribs and pineapple with collards and rice pilaf
Stuffed chicken breast smothered in a mushroom Alfredo sauce with a side of crispy Brussel sprouts
Chicken leg quarter a la Pomodoro sauce with rice pilaf and collards
Piggie, Piggie a la Vodka – lime pork tenderloin, honey baked ham, sauteed spinach, cavatappi pig tail pasta with a beautiful vodka pink sauce. Served with bread sticks